Laser Scanning

PBH harness the benefits of laser scanning to ensure a more robust delivery
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Laser Scanning Surveys

When surveying some of the largest and most complex structures on the network, PBH harness the benefits of laser scanning to ensure a more robust deliverable. 

Some of the benefits of laser scanning include:

  • Entire & accurate dimensions
  • A repeatable 3D environment allowing for easy navigation.
  • Geo-referenced information which can be linked to design projects.
  • Provision of an accurate basis to build infrastructure models.
  • Safe non-contact data capture even in difficult or dangerous places to access.
  • A ‘Capture-All/Capture-Once’ methodology to reduce the need for site revisits.
  • An insurance policy against future scope creep – the data is there even if not required at the project outset.
PBH Surveys can deliver outputs directly tailored to client requirements:

  • ‘Traditional’ Linework/linestyles 2D Drawings – dgn/.dwg
  • ‘Traditional’ 3D Wireframe Drawings –.dgn/.dwg
  • ‘Simple Hybrid’ 3D Wireframes/Solid Models – combining traditional track surveys with 3D Solid models of complicated structures – dgn/.dwg/.rvt/.msh
  • ‘Complex Hybrid’ 3D Wireframes/Solid Models – Full solid models of all infrastructure supplemented with traditional topographic surveys – dgn/.dwg/.rvt/.msh
  • Total 3D Solid Models – No traditional Linework. – dgn/.dwg/.rvt/.msh

All deliverables can be tailored to suit time/cost budgets

  • Outline Detail – Building Shapes/groundforms – representative components.
  • Medium Detail – Building Shapes/Features – basic componentry accurately depicted.
  • High Detail – WYSIWYM “What You See Is What You Model” Accurate depictions of all features required in specification.
  • Rendered High Detail – Photorealistic Models used for heritage grade/planning applications etc

Client Testimonials

Here are a couple of testimonials our clients have written.