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Our team of professionally qualified staff provide a full spectrum of survey support services, from plain line sites through to complex switch and crossing surveys.
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Surveying is a fast-evolving discipline, with a modern focus able to capture more data, remotely, at a faster speed. PBH Surveys believes in collaborating with innovative and efficient organisations throughout the industry, providing our clients with a complete professional service from tender stage through to final deliverable. The result of this approach is:

A Broad Visibility Of The Markets Capability

A Broad Visibility Of The Markets Capability

A Broad Visibility Of The Markets Capability

We have a formal structured approach to competency and have close links to approved training providers for training our staff towards Technical and Chartered members of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. All of our surveyors are exposed to a high amount of site work on a daily basis and as such we take a very proactive approach to safety on site, utilising:

  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Training
  • Briefing sessions
  • Domain specific safety training (railway / highways etc.)

PBH Surveys are committed to delivering:

  • The highest quality of deliverable
  • A cost effective, efficient service
  • A ‘once only’ approach to data capture
  • Value and performance

Our Team

Our Dedicated Team

Matt Chilton

Managing Director

E: Matt.Chilton@pbhrail.com
T: 07487 717 900

Callum Morrow

Operations Director

E: Callum.morrow@pbhrail.com
T: 07487 717 902

Dan Coxon

Project Director

E: Dan.coxon@pbhrail.com
T: 07809 871 552

Nathan Smith

Planning Manager

E: Nathan.smith@pbhrail.com
T: 07894 439 176

Rob Kay

Head of Geomatics

E: Rob.Kay@pbhrail.com
T: 07487 717 904

Chris Hewitt

Project Manager

E: Chris.hewitt@pbhrail.com
T: 07947 189 604


Our current job positions

Or email you CV to surveys@pbhrail.com and we will be in touch once we have a job opening.

Lead Surveyor

We require lead surveyors to lead a team of 2 surveyors, previous experience required.

  • Nationwide
  • Permanent Role


We require surveyors to work within a team of 2 led by a lead surveyor, previous experience required.

  • Nationwide
  • Permanent Role

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