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Project Details

PBH were contracted to support all survey elements of the works, allowing AMEYSERSA to undertake the Technical side of the renewal. This included but was not limited to:

  • Instrument QA/QC
  • Control verification and installation of new control suitable for track installation Total station setups / positioning for all elements of the works – 3d dozer control, sleeper and panel alignment and as-builts / tamper runs.
  • Setting out support and verification
  • As-builts
  • Structure Gauging / Clearance analysis throughout the blockade to ensure final track position achieved suitable clearances
  • Continual QA/QC 3rd party verification throughout the blockade.
  • Using the Vorsys twin trolley system on Amey Northern Hub allowed us to survey/process and issue 1.2km track mileage every 4-5 hours compared to a 24hr turnaround utilising traditional methods. Also we were able to generate realtime lift/slue reports during critical possessions allowing tampers to keep moving without lengthy delays between runs.

PBH placed a processing resource on site in the client cabin to commence processing the moment data had been acquired

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